Minutes of October 21st 2003
Bellevue Hall at Bellevue State Park - Wilmington, Delaware
Board Meeting
9:30 a.m.

Members: John McMahon, Chairman, Pete Booker, Jeff Bross, Gerald Brady, Sec. Judy Cherry, Alice Coleman, Sen. Charles Copeland, Patricia Creedon, Craig Crouch, Patti DiEmidio, Tony Felicia, Bruce Fitzgerald, Dr. Orlando George, Stacy Griggs, Mayor Jim Hutchison, Samuel Lathem, Joe Letnauchyn, Bill McCloskey, Mike Mulrooney, Jim Randall, Sandra Reyes, Fred Sears, Dana Shreve, Dr. Diane Sole, Sec. Harold Stafford, Dave Tanner, Ronald Walker, Duane Wayman, Sec. Valerie Woodruff.

DWIB Staff: Patty Cannon, Gwen Jones, Corey Mitchell, Lisa Brack, Bob Watkins, Greg Chittick, Anthony Francioni

DOL Staff: Todd Chapelle, Bob Clarkin, Anne Farley, Andrea Guest, Jim McFadden, Ed Simon, Tom Smith

Guests : William Abernathy, Elaine Archangelo, Don Baker, Sharon Duckett, Janet Edwards, Fernando Guajardo, Joanne Miro, Helen Parsons, Mark Romanisky, Mary Ellen Saunders, Melissa Shahan, Tom Smith, Maureen Tucker.

Call for Quorum and Introductions - Chairman, John McMahon

Approval of Minutes – Motion by Pat Creedon to accept the May 14, 2003 Board Meeting minutes. Seconded by Duane Wayman. Motion carried.

Chairman’s Report

Biotechnology Executive Forum - Chairman McMahon referred to a letter written by the Assistant Secretary of Labor, Emily Stover DeRocco, thanking Executive Director Patty Cannon and the DE Workforce Investment Board for hosting a Biotechnology Industry Executive Forum in Delaware. Tom Weinert from James River Technical Sciences presented the Stereo projection system. With this type of technology radiologist can view organs in 3-D to assist surgeons in preparing for surgery. DE has a significant amount of activity going on around this technology (i.e. Del-tech classroom, Bio Tech Institute, Christiana Care).

Chairman McMahon welcomed the new Board members, announcing that we now have a fully staffed Board and are in compliance. The new members are: Ms. Donna Griffith - Playtex, Mr. Gerald Brady - AFL-CIO, Mr. Ron Walker - New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Hutchison – City of Dover, Mr. Dana Shreve – AAA Mid-Atlantic, Senator Charles Copeland, Representative Mike Mulrooney.

Congratulations to Gwen Jones who has been promoted to Deputy Director.

The RFP (Request for Proposal) process will begin soon and we are asking for the Board’s strong support during the review, rating, and ranking of the presentations to be held at the University of Delaware’s Clayton Hall on February 24, 2004. Please signup for Review Committees.

Policy Updates: There is a 5% cap on training dollars to be used for cosmetology, nail technology, and massage therapy. Discussed change to 100% of Lower Living Income Standard (down from 150% LLIS.

Mentor Protégé Program – Patty Cannon shared that the DE Workforce Investment Board has been selected to participate in a national partnership to work with a mentor to help address areas of opportunity for transitioning to a demand -driven workforce system. That kick-off meeting is planned for October 28-30

Patty Cannon talked briefly about the Program Navigator positions which are being co-funded by US DOL and the Social Security Administration. She introduced the Program Navigators who are located at each of the One-Stops. They are Lisa Brack, Gregory Chittick, Anthony Francioni and Robert Watkins.

Committee Reports

Financial Oversight Committee - Joe Letnaunchyn, Chair

The Budget is very similar to last year. The Navigator grant appears this year and there is also a slightly higher figure for staff/benefits. Joe reported on the WIA and Blue Collar expenditures for Program Year 2003 report period 7/1/03 – 9/30/03.

Performance Measures and Customer Service - Jeff Bross, Chair – Reported on the sanction for not meeting measures. Reviewed WIA performance indicators. We still have a problem with earning change for youth and Credentialing. Jeff reviewed the correction Action Plan submitted to USDOL. US DOL has offered technical help with our reporting data and the measures. They are impressed with attendance and participation of our Board and Executive Committee.

Proposal Review and Certification Committee – Duane Wayman, Chair – Asking the Board members to please participate in the Proposal presentation process. Last year we transferred retention funds to DOL who will continue to provide Retention services. Proposals will not be accepted for retention services. This committee will be looking to job demands as we prepare for the Request for Proposal Process.

Public Relations and Outreach Committee – Pete Booker, Chair – We are trying to build a substantial long-term effort to: Inform the Community at large and also to develop relationships. Our intent is to make progress by the end of 2004.

Senator Robert Marshall asked who will pay for this marketing effort and have we every considered a course guide to provide course descriptions to the public?

Pete answered that we do have money in our budget to begin and that Public Relations and Outreach Committee will meet to discuss other aspects of the effort.

Patty Cannon reported that DWIB posts the programs on their website at

ROAR Committee – Patricia Creedon, Chair – Shared in presentation format how the Committee began by working with women in construction but has grown to include men in nursing/medical assistant careers and people with disabilities. ROAR is one of the three nationally recognized promising practices and was awarded such at the American Society for Health Care Administration Conference in August. .  

Youth CommitteeAlice Coleman, Chair – Alice talked about the youth performance measure with regard to diploma rate/credentialing and the earnings rate. Alice stated that we will set up a date before the next RFP meeting. .

Helen Foster Parsons – Wilmington Urban League – Delivered a presentation to the Board on the Self Sufficiency Standard for Delaware. The Self Sufficiency standard looks at how much it costs to live in Delaware today depending upon family type. This study was done with Delaware specific data. Helen has asked the Board members to please review this study and to pass the information to our training providers as well as recipients. Be sure to examine the section on “How the Self-Sufficiency Standard Can Be Used” with regard to Target Job Training, evaluating Economic Development, Eligibility for services, etc.

Old Business

 New Business

 Adjournment: 11:00 a.m.