Public Notices

Telamon Comments
RespecAbility Comments
WOIA State Plan
DWDB Action Plan
ITA Manual
ITA Program Process
ITA Approval Criteria
Memorandum of Understanding
ITA process
Subsequent Renewal
Appendix A: Economic Analysis
Appendix B: Executive Order 51
Appendix C: MOU; Governor of the State of Delaware
Appendix D: MOU; Delaware Division of Employment & Training and Wilmington Job Corps Center
Appendix E: DWDB Outreach Strategies
Appendix F: Plan Year 2016 Funding Guidelines
Appendix G: Proposed ETPL and ITA Process
Appendix H: Delaware Workforce Development Board Member Roster
Appendix I: Bylaws
Appendix J: Adult Training Program RFP; Program Year July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016
Appendix K: Out of School Youth RFP; Program Year July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016
Appendix L: Conflict of Interest Policy
Appendix M: Delaware Pathways Draft Strategic Plan
Appendix N: Goal One
Appendix O: Delaware’s One-Stop Partner Programs
Appendix P: Open Meetings Policy
Appendix Q: Disability Policy
Appendix R: LE Policy 19 - Reporting Clients to UI Who are Non-compliant
Appendix S: Order of Selection
Appendix T: VETS 501 (JVSG Staffing Directory)
Appendix U: LE Policy 6 Veterans Priority of Service
Appendix V: LE Policy 3 Jobs for Veterans Act Employment Services Case Management
Appendix W: Veteran's Unemployment Results
Appendix X: Procedure for Board Membership

2016 Annual Report

Narrative Section
Job Search Survey #1
Job Search Survey #2
Career Planning Survey #1
Career Planning Survey #2
Training Customer Satifisaction Survey #1
Training Customer Satifisaction Survey #2
Training Survey Results
Training Survey Results
Board Survey Results
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